Work/life balance when you run a Company and a family. Can you have it all?*

Posted on August 23, 2016

Imagine you have the most demanding boss of all times, he needs your constant focus 24/7, no vacation, no days off, no sick leave and now multiple it by 10. This is how you feel when you have a baby. And I have one, 6 months old and I’m CEO. And it’s been hell of a ride.

So how can you run a company and have some sort of life? The answer is simple.


And be brave enough to admit it to the world and yourself. Your needs are no longer important, or at least less than your child’s or company (or that’s just my experience).

I went back to work when my son was about 3 months old, I had hope that I’ll manage to stay at home (and do nothing as most ppl who don’t have children think – great joke y’all), but the company needed me. So I took my son to work with me. Fortunately my work environment is OK for small kids and my husband is in the same office, which is nice. Not every mom has this perk.

My co-workers were OK with it (there were no complains, or I know nothing about them). Try to imagine how is to write emails, schedule work and process new projects when you have a child with you? Sounds easy? It requires planning ahead and some (reda: a lot) flexibility.

But it is manageable, since small kids tend to take 2-3 naps per day. Then and only then you can easily talk/plan and go to the bathroom or drink hot coffee (I kid you not:).

Now 4 days a week he is with his granny (thank you lawd for grannies, which want to take care of grandchildren – no it is not so common) so I can focus entirely on the needs of firm (for 6,5-7,5H/day no more).

I personally think there’s a lot of pressure on women to be great at work and superhero at home. To look after your spouse and kids. And to be good looking as well:). So how can you manage to do everything what perfect housewife and boss/employee should do everyday?

The answer is easy: you don’t get to sleep or have time of your own. Maybe other CEO/mothers can arrange some time for them, but I can’t. I don’t feel comfortable when I know that my son needs his mom and the company needs my support. I agreed to those terms & conditions tho.

Do I regret the decision? Yes, sometimes I do, especially when it is been more than 6 months when I didn’t get a good night sleep (zombie mode everyday). But on the other hand I think that my son and husband are/will be proud of me and this is what gives me the kick to do more. Also untamed ambition of course.

Remember there’s no universal recipe how to handle work/life balance, you have to find your own. I’m still learning it the hard way, but power naps work miracles.


* This piece is a tribute to all working moms out there! You keep rocking the world.

CEO and co-founder of Appformation, wife and mother.