Tornado vs Node.js

Posted on October 28, 2015

Nowadays Node.js is getting more and more popular, so I decided to compare it with some other server – Tornado. The first one is written in JavaScript, the latter in Python, so the outcome should be obvious. But is it? Let’s find out!

In my comparison I have used 3 kinds of tests:

  • Writing to the file
  • Finding prime numbers
  • Saving records in the database and then deleting them.

The test involved creating a new file, writing „hi there” into it and then saving it 10 000 times this way.



Due to the nature of JS, test had to be written recursively, which takes a little more code.
Time table below:


Tornado Node.js
1.35764789581 s

1.6857779026 0s

1.37607693672 s


2.138000011444092 0s

2.1540000438690186 s

1.991999864578247 0s



As you can see Tornado is faster by a whole second, which can be crucial in some cases.
The second test aims to measure the productivity of compared languages. We will use the Erathosteneses algorithm, where n = 1000000 – which really means “look for prime numbers until you reach 1 million”.


Time table:

Tornado Node.js
0.221151828766 s

0.216292858124 s

0.217554092407 s







As you can see, in this case Node.js is a lot faster, even while comparing the Node’s worst time (0,1019s) with Tornado’s best (0,2162).


Now for the last test – saving to the base. Nearly everybody in the web, uses databases. To test Node.js I used MongoDB database and for Tornado I have chosen MySql.

The test was very simple – save 10 000 records to the database and then delete them.


Although append in Python works terribly slow, the code is a lot more understandable.

Time table:

Tornado Node.js
0.283309936523 s

0.415552854538 s

0.343837976456 s


0.41499996185302734 s

0.24499988555908203 s

0.2350001335144043 0s



It looks pretty even here, but Node.js is slightly faster.

I can’t say a bad word about Node.js – it works fast and effectively, so if someone likes JS, I would also recommend Node.js. Personally I don’t like it and wanted for it to be as bad as possible, but unfortunately it’s not.

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