The other side of mobile apps (the server side)

Posted on December 21, 2015

While talking “mobile apps”, we usually think about games, great, useful functionalities, beautiful graphics etc. But there is more to this subject. Every and each one of those apps, also have a second side — so called “server side of an app”. To create it, we need a team of mobile developers, programmers, coders and generally a lot of specialists. As you probably already know, creating a mobile app is not an easy process. In this article we would like to present you the topic of “server side of an app” — what it is, how does it work and so on. Let’s start.

What is the “server side of a mobile app”?

What indeed. We can say, that the server side of a mobile app is usually a software program, placed on a remote server. Why is it needed? Well, there are two main reasons — a) to store and ensure all user’s access to data and b) to make sure, that an interaction between given devices is possible.

As you can see, that’s a very important part of every mobile app. The server side is responsible for all the operations, that can’t be done on your mobile device ( access to certain services and functionalities etc.). This side of a mobile app helps in, among many others, image storage and processing, calculations, synchronizing etc. It also helps in achieving more security for your app.

Implementing a server side for your mobile app also allows it to work faster — for example, some of the most complexed calculations can be moved to the server or updates can be managed much more fluidly.

What type of server side? (language for it)

As it usually is — there is no one universal answer for this question. While choosing a appropriate language for the server side of your mobile app, precisely knowing what kind of functionalities it should have is definitely the deciding factor. All available languages (PHP, Java etc.) already have a developed set of elements that might greatly help your app. When exactly should you use certain language? That’s one of the things a good software house should help you with. Feel free to contact us using our contact form here.

How long does it take to prepare a server side for an app?

It really depends on the complexity of a given project. Sometimes it might be an easy task, sometimes one of the most time-consuming ones. What kind of functionalities will your mobile app possess? What type of security measures have to be taken? Who will use your app? All those questions (and more) are deciding factors when it comes to the time needed to deploy server side.

iOS and Android when it comes to server side of an app

As you may know, the requirements in App Store and Google Play are very different. Same goes for the server side of an app. If you want to choose between iOS and Android, in this case, you should precisely check the technical requirements in each one of them (or rely on help of your software house). Not accounting for characteristics of each platform is one of the common mistakes — don’t make it.

What now?

We sincerely hope, that the article above allowed you to understand “how a mobile app works?” a little better. The server side of an app is a very important element if you want to achieve success and there are many details, that have to be taken care off while deploying it. With more and more functionalities available, having a good server side architecture seems to be a must. If you would like to know more on this subject, or ask us for help with your mobile app — we are here for you.

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