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Posted on January 20, 2016

A good portfolio is an important part of almost every business. Do you want to be known as an expert in the industry? Do you want people to choose you to cooperate? Do you want to show your product or service to a wider audience? There is a plenty of possibilities. Among many, we have selected those we use or plan to use in the nearly future. Last but not least, they are popular for many reason.


Because of the integration with Adobe, Behance collects mainly advertising / creative agencies and designers, but not only…  It is the perfect place for team taking a large long-term projects. Behance allows you to place a detailed description of project (case studies), but the visual part is the most important. Authors usually show the whole concept, so the presentation of their work requires more time and effort. However, projects look very prestigious.The biggest players publish on this website, so this is the best place to look for potential co-workers as well.

From the perspective of marketing activity Behance is a necessity. It is one of the most important issues affecting design services and you just have to be there. Unfortunately, this leads to a situation where the user is flooded with huge amount of projects. Therefore it’s crucial to present your product in a really attractive, original way, setting it apart from the crowd. A good description is meaningful as well – choose the appropriate tags, create project name and description including your keywords. Just do everything that can help people to find your profile.


If you want to show something you are currently working on, Dribbble is a perfect place to publish samples (sneak peaks). To keep a high level of presented works, there are some restrictions – to upload shots or leave comments, you need an invitation from a member. In opposite to the Behance, Dribbble contains Debuts tab – a nice feature to present and promote new company.

But similarly to Behance, on Dribbble you can publish a series of views called Work In Progress. Users can track the history of the project, keep watching what’s going on and create around it a kind of community. If you do it in an eye-catching way, the number of people watching your profile will growth and you can increase their interest in your product or its new functionalities.


Linkedin is the social network for work professionals. It is a perfect place to find specialists in almost every area. Another advantage is an option to create your own network of contacts – receiving messages or invitations for cooperation from people and companies that you don’t know is very common and possible thanks to advanced search engine. Portfolio is a part of your public image. On the previous portals, content publishing is very limited. On LinkedIn, knowledge sharing is easier – e.g. you can write articles and obtaining a new audience this way. Use embedding slides to share your presentation into articles. And above all, don’t forget about tags, which connect your text with an important subject for your industry. LinkedIn allows you to see who has visited your profile, or what is the interest of content you publish. Observe it, analyze statistics, draw conclusions. As a result, your content will always be suited to the needs of customers.


Another (but in truth belonging to LinkedIn) useful tool is SlideShare, helpful with creating a presentation, for example in the form of colorful infographic (visually more attractive, easier accepted by users than an article full of text).

Slideshare is one of the 150 most visited sites on the Internet. It has over 60 million users per month who generate 215 million page views. And these numbers really oblige, but apart from nice presentation, there is one more important thing – a good description:

  • title, text on the slides and short description – should include relevant keywords
  • keywords (tags) – the first should be the most important keyword for your business
  • category – assignment into appropriate group

This is really important because texts of the presentations are automatically transcribed. They are read as a plain text, which could affect the results of SEO actions.

What is interesting, presentations created on Slideshare are displayed as news on LinkedIn. Once created presentation can be shared in various channels – web, Facebook, blog and LinkedIn (just copy the link and publish it wherever you want). That kind of action increases your chances of finding potential business partners.

Remember, the competition never sleeps, but Dribbble, Behance and LinkedIn allows you to track your competitors and create the best strategy for your company.


Your own website has one major advantage over all described above – unlimited possibilities and therefore – individual style. Try to update your portfolio from time to time to make it always relevant to what you do and you want to deal with. Words are not enough. You can write “We are professional company”, but evidence matter. Your knowledge and experience should be presented by realized works.

As you can see, there are plenty of options, but remember that you don’t have to show your work everywhere. Choose platform properly – check which of them guarantees the best results for your business, where you will find the customers. And if you decide on several channels, be sure to speak with one voice. Consistent and continuously updated strategy is a key to success.

Anna Weber

Graphic designer