Mobile World Weekly

Posted on July 31, 2015

For today we prepared first article in our new cycle, concerning the most important news in mobile app world. We used informations from services like MobileWorldLive, Mashable, Techcrunch and Tech. Have a good read 🙂

1. Long live 2g!

During the LTE World Summit 2015, biggest players in the business discussed, among many others, the subject of 2g technology. Most of them agreed, that it should be alive and kicking for a long time, unlike for example 3G.

2. New Yik Yak functionality

Well known app, used to send anonymous text messages, decided to take this whole thing a little further. Soon you will be able to use it, to also send photos. It might make Yik Yak moderators life a little harder, but still, interesting idea.

3. Google decided to help retailers.

Google wants to increase mobile engagement and sales, through adding deep links to applications from shopping advertisements.

4. Internet of sound?

Is it the machines turn to start using singing to communicate? That was one of the inspirations for new line of businesses. Sending data and many other things though voice? Sounds interesting.

5. Unicorn herds

Lately one of the hot topics in startup worlds are unicorns (start-up companies, whose valuation exceeded 1 billion dollars). More on this mysterious species in the Techcrunch article.

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