Magiczny Składnik – case study

Posted on January 25, 2016

Just before the end of the year we’ve finished one of our favorite projects – delicious, full of tasty pictures culinary blog Magiczny Składnik. What was the biggest challenge? What kind of work we had to do in this project? Please read our short case study.

Make it look good? OK. Make it look good and be user friendly? No problem. Create something responsive? Bring it on! But what’s more… Create something that can be used with pleasure by all users? Yes, this project was a challenge. It required not only the unique design of the sidebar menu, but also knowledge about UI and UX design.

magiczny składnik home

There was a lot of brainstorming, imagining what problems may have users, what can they expect. And the most important question was: what should we do to make user to visit for the second, third, fifth time…? Fortunately our client knew exactly what he wanted. Thanks to that, we could show him the best options and solutions on every step of the project.

To maintain readability of blog, content has been divided into categories: Recipes, Magazine, Workshops. There is a place for e-commerce for client’s future business development as well. And above all of this, there is a modern design: 4-column page with sidebar menu on the left. Simple, useful and elegant.

magiczy skladnik menu

The hardest part of development phase was photogallery. We had to focus on the visual side of the blog, since it presents amazing cuisine. That’s why it was so important to keep up with the best practices in responsive web design. On every screen size, images should retain high quality. What is more, the column-layout changes with screen resolution, so we needed to determine the quantity of shown components via JavaScript.

magiczny skladnik tablet


Before I decided to cooperate with Appformation I clearly stated few objectives I want to achieve. First thing was a retention of users and encouraging them to explore other recipes. As a 2nd objective I want to develop simple blog into scalable business, that’s why I needed cohesive UX which will allow to launch e-commerce. Last, but not least I wanted to have a good and modern design so it would stand out of the crowd and my competitors – says our client, Tomek Czajkowski – After few months from launch of website designed by Appformation, analytics shows that we achieved quality objectives in terms of visits, by an average of dozen percent increase in views/visits and time spent on website. I’m also convinced that design delivered by Appformation will help my brand Magiczny Składnik to stand out on culinary market and in the future will allow successful start of e-commerce business.

As a result Magiczny Składnik received original identification, unique, timeless design and responsiveness. We believe that we have achieved our and client’s goals. The results of our work you can see here:

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Magdalena Pawelec

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