iPhone 6S review

Posted on September 14, 2015

iPhone 6S review

We recently got a bunch of new information concerning Apple’s new products, among them – iPhone 6S and 6S plus. Let’s be honest, usually the differences between the ‘S’ and ‘S-less’ models were so small, they even became a source of jokes for Apple haters. Well, are iPhone 6S and 6S Plus the same? Let’s find out!

Where shall we start then? One of the most important features for Apple fans is great design.  Unfortunately history has repeated itself in this area, and iPhone 6S looks almost identical as its predecessor. Are there any differences at all? Well, 6S is a little bit thicker (thanks to new 3D touch technology).

Still, it gives a great joy to its users – iPhone 6S is great light and thin phone. Also Apple found a solution for the well-known case of shape changing. iPhone 6 proved to be vulnerable to bending while being “under pressure” – 7000 series aluminium. It means that now you can apply pressure to your phone without worrying (but why would you do it anyways?).

Another feature we should talk about is the all new 3D touch screen – definitely the biggest change for the iPhone 6S. And let’s be honest, there are not many other reasons why someone would abandon iPhone 6 for iPhone 6S. It’s a visible, pretty cool upgrade and I can’t argue with that. Is it enough to change phone though? You decide.

Thanks to the 3D touch, you can interact with the instructions on-screen in a lot of new different ways. What does it actually mean? You can still use the good, old tap, but pressing a bit harder will make a new menu appear. Basically – it’s a kind of rick-click on the mouse. Other than that, there are no other changes to the screen.

What about camera? It’s another one of the few upgrades iPhone 6S delivers. 12MP and a big jump in megapixels – that’s what new camera offers for starters. While you will have to tests see it yourself, I can already tell you, that it work a lot better now. Now about the front camera. The Facetime HD sensor has been upgraded to 5MP, with slight changes to its feature set – Live Photos and flash.

You could ask if there is anything new to the iPhone 6S inside? The chipset has been upgraded – iPhone 6S will be working with A9. Compared to the iPhone 6, “S” will run faster and mobile gaming experience should be on a whole other level. The big cons though, is the fact that we won’t be able to fully make a use of 64-bit system installed on iPhone 6S, because of its lack of RAM (4GB is a necessity to fully embrace 64-bit system capabilities). “S” will probably have 2GB now (1 more than its predecessor).

We have no information about the battery implemented in iPhone 6S yet.


What’s new?

         3D Touch

         New camera

         Faster mobile gaming

         More speed

My opinion? Right now it sounds promising, so don’t miss on new updates concerning iPhone 5S. If you have any other questions, feel free to put them in the comments section.

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Piotr Maksymowicz

Content Marketing Specialist