iPhone 6S Plus review

Posted on September 16, 2015

Last time we talked about the amazing iPhone 6S and it’s all new features. Well, now it’s time for another new miracle from Apple – iPhone 6S plus. Is it just a bigger “S” or something more? Let’s find out!

iPhone 6S Plus

Same as with iPhone 6S, let’s start from iPhone 6S Plus design. Obviously it’s considerably bigger than it’s predecessor. Sounds good? Well, there are also some sad news – it looks nearly the same as last year’s model. Apple haters will definitely jump on that news. iPhone 6S Plus is a bit thicker than the former version, because of 3D Touch screen.

iPhone 6S Plus still have some cons though. It’s light and easy to hold (unlike some phones from the competition) for phablet. You might not be able to use all it’s functions with one hand, but compared to other phablets, this one is definitely one of the easiest to use.

The new bigger screen is still 1080p resolution, which is not a problem, rarely any content nowadays can use more. All things considered – iPhone 6S Plus design, while not changed very much, is still very good, as expected from iPhone.

Another feature we should talk about is the all new 3D touch screen. Now your phablet will allow you to experience a lot of different interactions with its screen – depending on how hard will you press. Some additional force will let you feel, as if you would be using mouse right click. You will have to check out, it works for you.

What about the camera?  It’s 8MPm that doesn’t really sound impressive. Though the shutter is faster and the clarity looks great on the 5,5-inch screen of iPhone 6S Plus. In the end – iPhone photography is better than before, while still not on par with the best in the market.

One new cool feature is definitely the Live Photos option. Thanks to it, iPhone 6S Plus will take a 1,5 s. video before your photo, and 1,5 s after. It is. Great thing is – it doesn’t really affect shutter speed, which still works really fast.

Now is the time for the battery. We don’t really have any precise information yet. Though A9 chipset is a lot faster than the one from iPhone 6 Plus, which allows us to experience a lot more than before (for example in gaming). Also, A9 chipset is considered to be more efficient, which could improve battery life a lot.

So we have Apple design, 3D touch screen, better camera, Live Photos and some other new features. Well, I definitely think, that this one is worth considering, if you will remember, that’s not a mini-phone, but a phablet, with all its pros and cons.

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