In our opinion – The best project management apps

Posted on October 6, 2015

In few years of my working experience I met a lot of additional programs, which can allow you to work better. Therefore I can tell you which of them proved to be the best. Let me introduce you simple, free and useful project management apps. Helpfull not only for project managers in software agencies, but for you, our dear clients, as well.

Google Apps

Papers, papers, papers… Sounds familiar? As a project manager you know that documentation is a very important part of your job. You’ve got copies of agreements with a clients? Make a project folder in cloud and put it in there. In this place you can keep harmo, conference summaries, checklists and briefs. Everything in one place and what is more – you can share it with the people you choose. Hangouts, calendars, slides – use everything that Google Apps offer, to do your job faster and more effective.


For me it’s a very useful tool for work with remote employees. When I don’t have opportunity to direct my amendments face to face, I write them down. But sometimes it’s hard to understand it all just from a note. See a bug? Make a screenshot of it and edit it – underline important part, give a comment and in the end save it as a picture or generate a fast share link. Believe me, sometimes picture is worth more than a thousand words.


Want to show mockups to your clients or discuss them with your team? Try InVision. It’s a tool created for designers by designers. You don’t have to send out screenshots or PDF’s anymore. You can create interactive graphic design – leaving comments to discuss the mockups right inside the app. Feedback will be inside the design which will be displayed as a point on the page itself.


The biggest advantage of Uberconference is the fact, that you can create a 10 people conference for free. So there’s no need to upgrade your Skype account or make phone calls. It’s very useful when you work with clients from abroad. Uberconference allows you to share screens and make calls with web and smartphone interfaces, control participants: mute, hang up, and record conference. What is more, you can create Instant and Scheduled Conferences and always know who’s on the call and who’s talking right now.


Free (for teams of max five) and easy online project planning software. With this team calendar you can plan tasks for all team members without breaking a sweat. Teamweek allows you to look at who’s working on what in real time. Very useful for fast scheduling upcoming projects and checking total of daily estimates of every person involved in your project.


One of best tools for conceptional work. In basic version you can create 3 mind maps, share and edit them with coworkers. Mindmeister allows you make a map with different systematic – brainstorm, meeting agenda, SWOT analysis or structure of awebsite. Intuitive graphic solutions are also a great advantage of this product. Thanks to that work goes really fast and without any problems.
That’s my very own summary. I know that some of you might prefer other project management tools, so please leave them in comments section.

Magdalena Pawelec

Project Manager at Appformation. My adventure with an interactive industry began in 2012 on the position of copywriter and websites editor. Currently I develop my professional passions as a project manager, content manager and PR specialist. I supported and led projects for clients such as: PARP, Energa, Samsung and Polkomtel.

  • Hi Magdalena, thanks a lot for including us in your list, we really appreciate it!

    • Magdalena Pawelec

      Your welcome! Truly you deserve it!

  • James Miller

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