How to complete a startup team?

Posted on July 29, 2015

How many times did you have a great idea, but there was nobody who would want to help with developing it? Is it hard to find people that can build a stable company with you? Find out what kind of coworkers you need and what is the best way to gather them into your team.

Structure of company

First step is to identify a position. You have to know who should be in your team. For sure before hiring somebody, it’s good to settle your own role. Do you want to be a technical expert or marketing director? Decide and then define the structure of your team. Thanks to that it’s easier to hire people with different talents and define salary limit you can offer.

So what positions do you have to fill?

    • Product Management – customer service representative. He’s always in touch with team and clients, knows customers needs and startup possibilities. Focused on maximising business value from a product.

    • Selling and Marketing – That two positions aren’t similar, but working together they can achieve a lot of. Sales manager and marketing specialist should know where to find customer and how to attract his attention. Through promotion your startup can reach popularity and become interesting for potential client. Then it’s much easier to prepare individual offer and sell your product.

    • Designer – his role is not just to design product, but all materials connected with it – landing pages, publications, display adverts. It’s important to hire a designer not only with a good technique, but also oriented in front-end development and understanding human-centered design methods.

    • Developers – I guess, irreplaceable members of team. Without them, there is no production, without production – you’ve got only idea. Of course at the beginning you should hire a man experienced in new technologies, but don’t close your doors for juniors – they pass tests as well.

Find a treasure

How it’s time to find people for hiring process. Obviously, you should create original job announcement to encourage people to send their CV’s. But it’s good to make some research. One of other options is going to startup events. There are plenty of people who love new technology and are very enthusiastic about projects and challenges. Through small talk you can recognize which one of them would eventually fill your team. Look for employees at the Universities. Especially in a students science club you can find somebody for marketing part of team.

Hiring process

To make an interview you should be prepared. Good option is to make a list of important questions about fact-finding, creative thinking and problem solving. Create agenda to be sure that meeting will go on according to the plan. During interview, write notes – not only answers but your observations too, especially about candidate’s behaviour and communication skills. In the end choose person with required skills and personality that fits in your vision of a team.

After hiring process it’s time to make a candidate part of the team. Prepare a strategy for his training, promotion, and career development. Clearly describe his responsibilities and coworking conditions. Then only wait for results. And if cooperation goes well, great effects will come soon.

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