CAT S60 short summary of our cooperation

Posted on August 25, 2016

CAT is a well known producer not only of heavy duty equipment, but also smartphones for demanding customers. We had a privilege to deliver few pre installed applications to their flagship phone S 60. Here you can find a short summary of those apps. Enjoy your read!



Main feature of every Rugged® CAT phone is its waterproof capability. Every user can sink his device in water or sand and doesn’t need to worry about it taking any damage. This has one major drawback though. The speaker doesn’t work properly when it’s wet. Membrane can dry out faster if user plays any sound or starts build-in vibration. In order to automatize this process, we have created a simple app that does exactly so. To be more precise – it plays sounds with random tone and constantly vibrates for pre-defined amount of time. Might be a little noisy and irritating for the people around, but it very efficiently deals with the dry speaker problem.


App designed for everyone who likes to spend his free time actively. Simply – it’s a clean and nice dashboard, useful in every outdoor trip. Provides with reading from all the major phone’s sensors like altimeter, GPS signal or barometer. It is also connected to the weather API and provides forecast for the given user’s location. Moreover, it has easy flashlight access, with one extra feature – sending SOS signal in Morse code – in case of emergency. Additionally, users of the app are able to track distances of their trip and check direction using compass widget.


Application designed only for s60 phones. It had only one simple use case: sending messages with user’s current location to a pre-defined contacts number. The message can be invoked from the s60’s special hidden button or our cool android home screen widget.

Android Developer

  • Anthony Bradley

    Hi does the compass show true direction or magnetic direction?