In our opinion – The best online tools for startups, Part I

Posted on June 24, 2015

Managing a startup business isn’t an easy task – you have to communicate well with team members, contact customers, promote the product and do many other things, sometimes all at once. During those hardships, some online tools might come in handy. In the article below I tried to pick, in my opinion, the best ones.

Dropbox – there is a high probability, that you are already using this tool, if not – you should. Dropbox is definitely one of the best online tools, used to store files in cloud. It’s easy to use, it has very intuitive interface, there are no limits concerning files size, and you can use it for free, up to to 2GB of storage space. In my opinion – definitely a ‘must have’ online tool.

ToutApp – there are times, when you would like to know, if your SMS or e-mail has been seen or generally, what happened with it after sending. It’s even more interesting, when we are talking about customers – and that’s where ToutApp is at it’s greatest. This online application shows when people open messages and click your links, which allows you to do a better follow-up step. Other than that, it’s integrated with Gmail, Outlook and many other popular online tools. ToutApp is definitely worth considering. After 14-day free trial, you will have to choose either Professional edition (30$/month) or Team (250$/month, 5 seats).

Brand24 – it’s a great online tool, which gives you opportunity to control or at least observe and analyze millions of online sources in real time. You will know, when someone has mentioned your company or one of your products in the vast space of the Internet. It also has options to easily identify influential people and segment mentions in categories. After 14-day free trial you will have to choose one of other versions – Personal Plus (49$/month), Professional Premium (99$/month) and Professional Max (349$/month).

Pexels – well, if you manage a blog, you probably know how hard it can be, to find a good photo you can use without abusing any legal licences. That’s where one of the best qualities this online tool gives you, comes into play. Everything you can find on Pexels is licensed under Creative Commons Zero – in other words, free to use on your blog, website etc. Yes, it’s free.

MailChimp – another great online tool for startups (and anyone else for that matter). It’s not only helpful when you want to send prettier e-mails with cool design options, but also gives you insight on ‘which subject lines will give you more clicks’ etc. Great online tool, constantly developing and giving more and more possibilities. If you have no more than 2000 subscribers, you can send up to 12000 emails/month free.

If you know any other useful online tools, please link them in the comments section. More in the ‘The best online tools for startups – part II’, soon.

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