Best innovative products, people don’t know about

Posted on June 26, 2015

People sometimes dream about how it’s gonna be in the distant future – flying cars,  teleportation, maybe even time travelling? I remember, when long time ago, my friends parents discussed, how Y2K’s gonna look. They talked about mind reading, travelling to another galaxies etc. In reality, it proved to be a little less flashy, maybe even disappointing for them. Well, it all depends on the point of view, right? The list below, tries to shed some light on few of the most futuristic looking new products, which most people don’t know about.

  •  Air into water bottle

If you are a bike enthusiast, you most certainly know the problem of running low on water supplies, while being on a long trip, during a very hot day. Well, it might be no more very soon. A young engineer from Austria, started to work on a project, of a bottle turning air, into water. Sounds amazing, right? It uses the moisture from the air and stores it as water. The air has to be cooled down first though, hence the cooler device attached to the bottle. And the important question – how much water? We are talking about approximately 500 ml per hour. Project is currently in progress and personally I can’t wait till it’s done! For more information – click here.

  • New breed of expiration labels

Have you ever looked into your fridge and wondered – is this unpacked meat still ok to eat? Can all those strange labels with dates etc. be trusted? Well, Bump Mark comes with help. What is it exactly? It’s an innovative labeling system, consisting of a gelatin patch, that breaks down at the same rate, as meat. Basically, when the meat decays, the patch gets bumped and you know, that the product inside the package is not good to eat. Bump Mark might be a very good answer to the ‘food waste problem’. At the moment when the producent is looking to launch Bump Mark on the market. More information here – click here.

  •  Gravity into light

There are many ways in which we can get light – electricity, solar power, kerosene and so on. But what if we would be left without all of those options? Light ingredients are not cheap and for example in most of countries in the third world cannot be easily obtained. This problem might be solved by the Gravity Light. It’s basically a small lamp, in which electricity (and then light) is generated through weight (you can, for example, attach a weighted pack to your lamp). We can easily get up to 30 minutes of light, without any need to replace batteries. As you can see, it might be a very good way to provide it, where it’s not easy to get. You can obtain one of those for just 5$. For more information – click here.

If you know any other innovations, most people don’t know about, please link them in the comments section.

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Piotr Maksymowicz

Content Marketing Specialist