6 steps of mobile application development process

Posted on August 28, 2015

When hearing about mobile application development, do you sometimes think it sounds like dark magic? If you want to really know what does it mean and how launching an app looks like, read more!

It’s very common that we have an idea for an application, but creating it seems to be a mystery. In Appformation we meet many brilliant people with fantastic ideas, but without a notion of where to go and how to develop their concept.

Despite of the fact that we are a software house specialized in delivering technological solutions, we offer our clients deep understanding of their business and advise them in choosing the best way to develop each application. As an experienced team of experts we know that knowledge about launching an app significantly simplifies the process of project implementation. A client who is aware of each stage of development can keep an eye on and actively participate in the realization of his idea. He is not passive and do not wait for the final result, but is somehow involved in the birth of his project.

For customers who do not possess that kind of knowledge, we have created a short tutorial, showing mobile application development process. It presents all the stages of our work in a rather simplified way, so even people who have never had contact with the creation of mobile solutions should be able to understand it quickly.

This infographic shows all steps of our and client’s work – from the the birth of a business idea until delivering application in the user’s hands.

We hope that this small tutorial will be a good point of reference for those who are considering the creation of an application, are interested in the process of application development or are looking for a company that will provide them support in the realization of an idea.

Please, take a look at our infographic. We will gladly answer all your questions concerning our work. Don’t hesitate to contact us: office@appformation.pl


Mobile app development process


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Magdalena Pawelec

Project Manager at Appformation. My adventure with an interactive industry began in 2012 on the position of copywriter and websites editor. Currently I develop my professional passions as a project manager, content manager and PR specialist. I supported and led projects for clients such as: PARP, Energa, Samsung and Polkomtel.