25 Best Marketing Tips for young entrepreneurs

Posted on July 27, 2015

During my many internet adventures I have come across a great number of articles concerning ‘tips for young entrepreneurs’ and ‘marketing tips’ subject. Some were very useful, some blatantly ridiculous. In the article below, I tried to collect some of the best tips I have seen or been given. Let’s go.

  1.    What would I want to provide?

First tip is basically – have an idea, something you can be passionate about and then try to make a service out of it.

  1.    Why would I want to provide it?

What is your reason to believe in that product? If it disappeared from the world right now, would people miss it?

  1.    Find people who might be interested in what you are doing.

Google it, ask your family, friends etc. It’s great to know people who might be interested in your business. You can even make some research and ask them what do they think about your idea.

  1.    Why hasn’t it been done before?

If it is such a great idea, why it hasn’t been done before? Some might say it’s a very harsh and insensitive question, but it can not only save you from wasting time but also let you know your idea better.

  1.    Select your target.

If you want to make unicorn traps, you should most definitely try to reach unicorn hunters community in the first place.

  1.    Technical stuff.

Find your company a name, a mission etc. When it comes to logo – if you are not actually very talented in those areas, hire someone to do it.

  1.    Quality!

Remember, quality is what really makes your product or service great! No one want to buy a malfunctioning bear paralyzer.

  1.    Can you measure it.. ?

Well, I’ve once been told, that you shouldn’t engage in business, that you can’t measure. Before start, you should find appropriate metrics for your idea.

  1.    Learn from your competitors.

Observe them, analyze them, learn from their mistakes and successes. Some people know how to do it right, some don’t – both cases can give a lot knowledge.

  1.    Calculate the costs of this adventure

Hmm, I think it’s a great idea to start a company organizing intergalactic journeys, but there is a lot of technological – space stuff, that might be pretty expensive in the end.

  1.    Be consistent!

After the Eureka moment and actually starting a business, comes the not so pretty stage named ‘hard work’. Your blogging, your production, your other content – it must be delivered systematically, constantly and in high quality.

  1.    When interacting with your followers always remember…

Your point of view isn’t the only one that has right to exist. Respect your public!

  1.    Find a mentor

If you have opportunity to find yourself a mentor – just do it. Having someone else’s experience might save you years of learning on your mistakes.

  1.    Knowledge is the key!

Read books, blogs, observe your competitors etc. You can’t overestimate knowledge. Period.

  1.    Video marketing

It certainly seems that video marketing will be the biggest fish in the pond very soon – don’t miss on it.

  1.    Find allies.

Network with other passionate people, make them your allies and build better world together!

  1.    Avoid negative people.

Of course, business is not only made of sunshines and unicorns, but you don’t need people, who will tell you that on every stop of your entrepreneurship road.

  1.   Promote your business on other blogs and startup websites.

Doing so, you might also work on the 16th step.

  1.    Start small.

As said before – most probably sending people to another galaxies won’t be your first business.

  1.    Don’t be afraid of overplanning.

Of course, it’s not really healthy to plan ‘what if my evil twin suddenly emerges from darkness and tries to overtake my life?’, but a good plan should identify a lot of potential problems and their solutions.

  1.    Don’t give up!

Just a reminder. 🙂

  1.    Marketing is not a sprint…

…but a marathon. You have to learn, plan, learn again, test, measure, learn, etc. etc.

  1.    Learn!

Get even more knowledge, to be able to lift off your business to another level.

  1.    Use the Internet!

There are many online tools, that might really make young entrepreneurs life easier. For some of them you might want to visit our blog – click here.

  1.    Be ready to fail.

There is no way to avoid failures, neither in life nor in business. While it happens, the most important thing is to remember 21st hint on this list.

25 steps? In reality, you will unfortunately have to face hundreds of them. I won’t lie – it seems pretty overwhelming at first. Good thing though is, that with every step on your business road you get new experiences and knowledge, which make whole adventure a lot easier.

If you have any other useful hints or marketing tips, please put them in the comments section below. 🙂

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Piotr Maksymowicz

Content Marketing Specialist