10 steps to: launching an app in the App Store

Posted on June 18, 2015

Yes, this is the exciting moment when your App is finished and you want to launch it in the App Store. The team is ecstatic, the Sun is shining brighter than usual and pretty much everything seems just better. Beware, though, there is still a pretty long and sometimes bumpy road ahead of you. This stage is definitely a critical one – a successful launch sometimes entails even ten times more buyers, than a bad one.

We are not only talking about making a good product, you also have to overcome the obstacles/regulations of the mighty App Store. After slaying this dragon, there is still defeating thousands of other apps and making it to the Top Free or Top Paid list waiting for you.

If you want to successfully go through the technical stage of launching an app, you can use following steps:

1. Prepare yourself to be patient 🙂

2. Start by agreeing to all paid app contracts and complete your personal information(it might take even up to several, disturbing weeks).

3. After finishing the last step, you should prepare materials, to entice your potential clients. First of all – screenshots(in all needed sizes – 3,5; 4; 4,7; 5,5; inches).

4. In the next step, you should make sure, that you have a binary version(not the development one) of your app, so you can put it on App Store.

5. While your application might be great, unfortunately, it won’t be enough to sell it. Keywords describing your child will play the deciding role in the Apps success – users have to find the product easily, so choose wisely. Other than that, the general word limit is 100.

6. Application description. Reasons? Same as above. Check some of the Top Apps, to see what a good description looks like.

7. There is a big probability, that you have already finished this step, but just to be sure – find an attractive and easy to remember name for the App.

8. Price your app – and be a realist whilst doing so.

9. Now is the moment we were all waiting for, submitting your masterpiece to Apple! Buckle up.

10. Waiting is all that’s left – App Store engineers will either accept or reject the App, changing your life forever.

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