10 steps to: launching an app in Google Play

Posted on June 19, 2015

After deciding that your app is worth publishing and might make millions, there are still a few important requirements/obstacles between you and your dream – getting your masterpiece ready(from the technical point of view), submitting it to proper tests and preparing effective promotional materials. This article should definitely help you to wade through those tasks and launch an outstanding, successful product.

1. Adjust the App to the process of publishing
– remove log calls
– remove android:debuggable attribute from manifest file of your app
– provide values for android:versionCode and android:versionName attributes
– build and sign a release version of your app
– test the release version of your app
– update applications resources
– prepare servers and services needed by aforementioned applications

2. Make sure that you follow the policies of Google Play (under the threat of cruel punishment – termination of your developer account) and meet the quality requirements (click for more)

3. Choose desired maturity level and countries of distribution – well, choose wisely.

4. Adjust the Apps overall size
– the maximum size for an APK – 50MB
– use APK Expansion Files if needed

5. Check your apps platform and screen compatibility ranges

6. Free or priced?(If yes – choose billing system and set appropriate price for your product) – in the end, probably one of the most important things for you.

7. Make promotional materials such as screenshots, videos etc. – even the best App won’t make money if people don’t know about it

8. Build and upload APK(necessarily in release-ready version)

9. Beta release(value highly the feedback from your potential customers)

10. After final checks, promote and proudly publish your app! – and live long in happiness and wealth.

PS. Don’t forget about fondly supporting your customers after launch!

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